Do you remember being that kid who didn’t want to leave the barn? I do. It has been amazing to be able to experience that pure love again through the eyes of my three year old. Most days she is in the barn helping feed, water, and excercise the horses. 

We all show horses because we love them. We love the smells that go with them, too. The sweet smell of Pepi makes me happy and excited to show now as it did when I was a kid. I remember the excitement my sister and I felt the night before a show. The preparation bathing, clipping, and banding our horses. Currying hair coats until they shined.

Being well prepared and organized has always left me feeling ready for the show arena. Part of being prepared is having show clothes that make you feel the part. Clothes that make you feel great from a well fitted zip up blouse or a suit for the showmanship to a jacket dripping in elements and crystals. The important part isn’t what other people like. The important part is wearing what you feel beautiful in. We are proud at HSC to offer clothing of both styles so you feel confident and beautiful every time you enter that show arena.

Happy Trails until next time!




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